Welcome at ‘De Vosseburch’!

‘De Vosseburch’ is a family operated enterprise in the little village of Langeraar, located centrally in The Netherlands, in the province of Zuid-Holland, the municipality of Nieuwkoop, in the middle of the
so-called “Green Heart of Holland”.
You will find us bordering on the Wassenaarse Polder. This is a beautiful spot between the big cities, an area full of lakes, ponds, rivers, wide polder landscapes with their windmills, farmsteads and charming villages. Enjoy the many activities we offer for your entertainment, such as:

Enjoy a stay in one of our luxurious apartments.

Riding stable:
Anything equestrian can be combined with your other activities, just as you desire.

Cheese Farm:
Visit our dairy farm where cheese is made and our products are for sale.

Festivity Room:
Use our hall for any family occasion, friends - or a company excursion. Full catering is available according to your wishes.

We use our knowledge of the surrounding area to help arrange fun and interesting activities for you and with you. Explore our website to see some of the many available options.
We welcome you wholeheartedly!


Kindest regards,

Jos van Klink

De Vosseburch